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Pre-order your copy of 2KX album now and don’t pay any shipping!

2KX represents the outcome of more than three years of work, purely dedicated to music. And DyNAbyte wants to leave this music free from any marketplace mechanism. For this reason 2KX is released by the band itself on USB Key.

Support the band and order your copy now

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  • What does the USB pen-drive contain?

2KX USB key contains the album tracks in HQ wav and mp3 format and an exclusive DigitalBooklet Flash animation, expressly created for you by Cadaveria. Through the DigitalBooklet you willenjoy 2KX album in a brand new way! You will find also HQ band pictures, the album lyrics, wallpapers and more!

  • Why the album is not available on CD?

This album is entirely produced, arranged, engineered and mastered by DyNAbyte, without any label’s intervention. DyNAbyte believe in music freedom and have chosen to deliver this album directly to their fans through this website, with no distrubutors or intermediary. This special 2KX USB key and its extra bonus contents represent an additional effort we did to thank our fans for their support.

  • What I need to use the USB stick?

All you need is a PC or Mac with speakers. You can listen to the audio files on your PC or burn the wav tracks on a CD-R or play the mp3 on your iPod. To access the exclusive DigitalBooklet animation you just need an Internet Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome), but you don’t need to be connected to the Internet.

  • Can I see a preview of the USB contents?

Click here for a demo of 2KX DigitalBooklet.

10 thoughts on “2KX album pre-order”

  1. Been waiting so long and now I have to wait longer because the mail doesn’t deliver today. Downloaded the Mummy and it was awesome!

  2. Hi Leproso, at now the only way is to buy it through this web-site.
    The pre order promotion expires tonight at midnight central europe time.

  3. Extreme mental piercing was such an amazing album, I can’t wait to get my hands on 2kx. So the only way to get the usb is through this website?

  4. Hello, the album will be released on October, 10th and orders will be shipped on that date.

    I know you’re looking forward to receiving it, anyway, if it is of any comfort, I would like to let you know that I don’t own it yet ;)

  5. hello from France…
    how many times before receiving usb card?
    whate else? it is a great job after the excellent “extreme meNtAl pierciNg”
    I hope we will see you soon in France…why not!?!
    thanks a lot…

  6. Heya guys. Are you sending your material all over the world? I’d like to order the USB but I’m from Mexico. Is there a way I could get it?

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