The name DyNAbyte is the sum of the words dynamite, DNA and byte and embodies the spirit of a powerful music born from human brain, but excited by technology.

The first seeds of DyNAbyte half-human creature were sowed back in 1998 by LJ Dusk (guitars), John (bass) and Giallo (vocals), intending to forge a different kind of music with the support of mechanical devices.

The aim was to create a perfect mix between computer and man, carrying techno loops enhanced by powerful guitar riffs and claustrophobic melodic lyrics.

After a short period spent covering some Rammstein and Marilyn Manson songs, DyNAbyte start creating its own music, releasing the first Demo-CD, clearly inspirited by Fear Factory Remanufacture album.

In the following years the band continue its musical research, producing a long series of new tracks. The original mechanized sound flows into songs like No Mercy, I’ll Rise and the homonym DyNAbyte, a tribute to itself, that can still be considered as the band’s hymn.

From 2001 on DyNAbyte open a new chapter of its history: after the leaving of Giallo the new singer is identified in Cadaveria, one of the most charismatic female metal voice in the worldwide underground. In that period Cadaveria was already playing with John (aka Killer Bob) in CADAVERIA band and, being interested in experimenting new musical paths, she accepts the challenge to go beyond her Black Metal roots.

After a four track Demo-CD, in 2003 DyNAbyte sign an agreement with Nocturnal Music (now Rotten Inc.) and begin working on the debut album.

Recorded half in DyNAbyte’s own studio and half at Capt. Woofer studio, in Italy, the full length, entitled Extreme Mental Piercing, is released in late 2004, after a long mastering session carried out by John and LJ Dusk themselves. The feedback are very positive and even old time fans show to appreciate the new Cadaveria’s touch.

The band support the album playing live in the North Italy area and makes a mini tour around The Netherlands. The concerts are characterized by loud volume, red lights and stroboscopic effects. In 2005 Extreme Mental Piercing is licensed in Russia by CD-Maximum and in the same period the video clip I’m My Enemy is released.

While LJ Dusk goes back at work on new compositions, Cadaveria takes a break to dedicate herself to CADAVERIA third full length In Your Blood. Rehearsals start again in fall 2007 and after some months DyNAbyte are ready to approach the recordings of the new album. Some time is spent to set DyNAbyte own studio, to finalize drums & keyboards programming and to record the bass and the guitars.

In Spring 2009 Cadaveria finishes recording the voices and from that point on twelve brand new tracks are ready to be tuned.

After a never ending mixing and mastering period and a “four-months-tour-de-force” for the realization of the exclusive DigitalBooklet Flash animation, DyNAbyte are now ready and proud to introduce you to its new album, entitled 2KX.

It’s the new era of sound. It’s time for DyNAbyte, again!