LJ Dusk

In the past he played in many Italian clubs with Zona, TSO and 4WD.

LJ Dusk founded DyNAbyte together with John in 1998 and he’s the main responsible of compositions. Formerly with Killers Lodge (2011-2012).

LJ Dusk’s favourites:

Saying: “Worrying desire of transcending sayings, terrible sensation of desertion, vulgar anger impulses, my mental state, my actual state” – “You laid a trap in my mind, so much astute and crafty, your teaching grabs on and doesn’t abdicate. Obstinate tool that bends the man”;

Dream: To fly;

Nightmare: No nightmare in the last 30 years…

Movie: Cube;

Book: “Il bambino da zero a tre anni”;

Album: “Hybrid Theory” by Linkin Park;

Food: I ravioli di Rosanna;

Drink: Vino ciliegiuolo;

DyNAbyte song: “Hereditary Neuronavigation”;

Song: “Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)” by Fear Factory;

Band: The Chemical Brothers.

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