“Extreme Mental Piercing” lyrics

“Extreme Mental Piercing” lyrics.

  1. I’ll rise
  2. I’m my eNemy
  3. I stAND still
  4. immigrANt soNg (origiNAlly performeD by leD zeppeliN)
  5. fAce the storm
  6. iN ANother coNtext
  7. fiNAl coNDitioN
  8. 178 (iNstrumeNtAl)
  9. my brAiN
  10. DyNAbyte

  • I’ll rise

wheN everythiNg seems to Drive me fAr AwAy
wheN everyoNe clAim to strAighteN my miND
I keep my thought iN the uNcoNscious’ Depths
from where A DAy everythiNg will rise As mist
the fog is hiDiNg my weAk AND coNfuseD will
I cANNot feel the surrouNDiNg bAfflemeNt
I cAN’t AppreheND whAt’s hAppeNiNg iN my miND
I’m oNly sure everythiNg will rise As mist
I’ll rise like fog
which pierce your fAte
I will bewilDer

  • I’m my eNemy

I beloNg to AN erA where he who meDitAtes is forceD to weAkeN his time
where he who sticks to ANcieNt promises siNks AND briNgs with him
his esseNces, his oDors AND his humble iNteNtioNs
I’m grippeD iN my Desire, I’m stoppeD by my hiNDrANce
I’m lookiNg for vitAl spAce but I imploDe
oppresseD by my morAl loAD I stAy iN A plAce
I beloNg to A time, I struggle AgAiNst
AN ethics thAt DoesN’t AppertAiN to me.
I oppose, but I see my eNemy DArkeNeD
my Accomplice pAtieNtly wAitiNg for light’s ArrivAl,
I fill myself with iNterNAl force, stuDyiNg the wiNNiNg strAtegy
it hAs come, I brAcket it
he’s strANge, I see him
I observe him, I feel him
he goes AheAD AND tAkes possessioN of his feAtures,
I feel him, I see him
oDDly kNowN, pAiNfully kNowN,
trAgicAlly iDeNticAl.
I imploDe while I’m blockiNg my blooD
the bitter Accomplice tAkes me bAck, I cANNot bAr
I cANNot refute it before hAviNg uNDerstooD
why I must live to fight my uNcompromisiNg iNstiNct
I beloNg to AN erA where the eNemy is Not AlwAys out of me.

  • I stAND still

I stAND still
the sky, the trees AND the Dust quickly skim me
it’s DArk but it’s DAylight
NeoNs shut perioDicAl
eterNAl shell
of A kNot of seethiNg flows
toDAy they Are DrAwiNg to the seNses
yeArNiNg lArvAs Disturb my sleep
they leAD me to A No returN trip
NeoNs shut perioDicAl while I stAND still while I stAND still
but I stAND still
AND yet, I go beyoND
triviAlity close to me
I proceeD rouseD by uNreAl impulses
I stop if I wANt
AND I restore my soul
with tepiD outcries
I proceeD rouseD by uNreAl impulses
I stop if I wANt
AND I restore my soul
NeoNs shut perioDicAl while I stAND still
theN I leAve AgAiN
stANDiNg still

  • fAce the storm

time thAt beheADs the leAves goes further towArDs
the other eND of eArth NocturNAl Arrows implore
the joyful DAy leAve the bitter tAste of sileNce AND fAce the storm
fight iN DefeNce of your secret hours
AN obscure metAls’ riNg eNcircles your loNely street
the rAiN is the eterNAl frieND of your fAce
smile iN the circus of the iNfiNite curtAiN
where shADows breAk up At the rhythm of timbAls
At Dusk the horizoN grows up
lively with DANciNg pAle figures
their heArt is tAttooeD with esseNces AND frAgrANces
everythiNg coNsumes AND fAlls DowN
wrAppeD by ruiNs weAriNg mourNiNg
it’s up to you to surprise your DestiNy
to mock the fuNereAl by breAthiNg the ecstAsy of the cobAlt blue Dust
to let your plAsmA beAt with DiviNe AND iNcreDible force
to be

  • iN ANother coNtext

worryiNg Desire of trANsceNDiNg sAyiNgs
terrible seNsAtioN of DesertioN
vulgAr ANger impulses
my metAl stAte my ActuAl stAte
AbsorbeD by the vitreous glAssy liquiD of my ArbitrAry stArvAtioN
momeNts speNt iN uNDerstANDiNg the gAme
iN ANother coNtext I woulD hAve tAkeN possessioN
I woulD hAve electeD my New pAth
mAkiNg my striNgs vibrAte shoutiNg to time, cryiNg iNsiDe
I cAN’t I DoN’t hAve to I DoN’t wANt to
I see my olD visioN vANishiNg like the breAth pAssiNg through my hArm
I tighteN it, I fill it with my coNDitioN
I’m uNArmeD before eveNts
foolish miNiAtures, temporAry AlterAtioNs
DilemmAs the gAme is keepiNg for me
iNiquitous joy, flAvour DisAppeAriNg from my emotioNs
slow, releNtless, clever
it iNsiNuAtes itself cArryiNg myriADs of souNDs
ephemerAl eveNt iN coNtAct with the extreme siDe of me
I DoN’t like it I DoN’t wANt it
iNtellect DoesN’t help me
the courAge I leAD is uNexpresseD
flooDeD iN my miND
briDleD iN my heArt
I woulD like to listeN to New souNDs
to be strippeD from my meNtAl iterAtioNs
AlreADy rAggeD behAviour structures
protectiNg A shielD erecteD by myself
thAt hAs No reAsoN to exist

  • fiNAl coNDitioN

our Acts AreN’t the result of our free will
they Are simply pretty AND foolish efforts
elApsiNg betweeN two momeNts of stAsis
with the uNique AND sAD iNteNtioN
of mAkiNg the wAitiNg less teDious AND pAiNful.
oNly few iNstANts Are truly iNteNse
like the momeNt wheN you lAND
A blow After AN AsphyxiAtiNg AND breAthless coNceNtrAtioN
AND the blow will Allow you to free your most precious vitAl spAce
till Now oppresseD, corrupteD AND seriously eNDANgereD
by the Nimblest iNtruDer,
AwAre AND heeDless of his DiseNgAgeD fiNAl coNDitioN
we Are strANgely AttrActeD by the momeNts’ chANges
more or less curious, iNDeeD, we reAct to climAtic eveNts
No oNe cAN kNow, better theN us, thAt we AvoiD
AbsorbiNg thAt tiNkliNg elemeNt by beiNg reADy
to protect our wretcheD ego with phoNey AND fAke
portAble bArriers, chArgeD with visible
rADiAtioNs oNly without ANy seemiNg Aim.
Affective gAmes seems to be AN iNterestiNg commuNicAtioN mAtter
Although we try AND retry to DisowN this emotioNAl AppeNDix
we Are eNrAptureD AND Nervously tosseD iN ANother
logic of miND with the oNly goAl to clouD
AND to remove from us the coveteD DiseNgAgeD fiNAl coNDitioN

  • my brAiN

Dull, bulgy AND DeformeD structure without brAce
smAll tumultuous cosmos with No coNtrol AND seNsAtioNs
coNfuseD iN chAos AND iN DAmp colors
it rotAtes ArouND
it rotAtes oN Axles trANsfixiNg it
forciNg it to New AlterAtioNs
it is uNstAble AND hArmful
it cArries uNheAlthy hopes
olD sorrows coulD surfAce AgAiN
AwAkeNiNg Never sootheD rAges
cAutiously tAkeN fAr from fire
burNiNg iNsiDe
electricAl impulses set its throb
it commANDs, juDges, DomiNAtes
it forces you to follow it
to DArkNess or to light
it DoesN’t cAre About you
rebel yourself to it
NothiNg chANges, he wiNs, you loose
Arrest yourself, listeN to it,
follow it softly
NothiNg is DiffereNt, it AlwAys plAys
it DoesN’t cAre About you
it is AlwAys pArt of you
it iNvolves every pArt of you
it receives you iNto its hostile womb
it Deceives you, AskiNg New questioNs
builDiNg Doubts AND hiNDrANces
you Are Not Able to DefeND from
forceD to stAy with it All life loNg
you DoN’t reAlize you Are the mAteriAl impeDimeNt
AND wheN it leAves your jourNey
you’ll be forceD to follow it AgAiN

  • DyNAbyte

OverchArgeD by seNsAtioNs
OverloADeD by propulsioN
survive to your DAily mADNess
overcome by emotioNs
overlAiD by impulsioN
survive to your DAily mADNess
it’s time for DyNAbyte
Destroy your meNtAl poise
toDAy you tAke your choice
elimiNAte the culturAl rule
toDAy you’ve NothiNg to loose
restore your psychoNeurosis
tomorrow erAse your psychosis
ADApt your miND to pAssivity
you’re welcome to the feAr fActory

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  1. This is one of the best bands in industrial music i`ve ever heard… keep on rocking guys!

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