“The Mummy”: first single from “2KX” album

The Mummy” is the first single from DyNAbyte album “2KX” to be released on 10/10/10 on exclusive USB pen-drive with extra multimedia contents.

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    6 thoughts on ““The Mummy”: first single from “2KX” album”

    1. Ciao ragazzi, sarebbe bello fare un review di vostro nuovo disco. per far’lo ho bisogno di un promo-disco, lo ascolta solo in high quality, no con lo personal-computer, questa qualità non e bene. Alora potete mandar’mi uno al vostro indirizzo
      Blue Visions Rock
      c/o Rita Lottenbach-Canonica
      Mohrenacherstr. 3
      CH-4800 Zofingen AG

      Grazie, faciamo support e promotion per qualche (vol’dire per tanti) banda.

      Nostro team:
      Rita Lottenbach-Canonica (Svizzera)
      Marion Gross (Germania)

      noi….. per la musica rock, blues, blues-rock, rock-metal…..
      support in tedesco, qualche volte in inglese…… dipende…..?

      state bene e scrivete… per il support per voi…


    2. WOW!!!

      I was amazed at the new music and cadaveria’s voices…

      GREAT, GREAT!!!

      Thanks guys!!


    3. Whoa, great! it’s so powerful! The intro is unique.

      Can’t wati or the 10/10/10

      ubuntu 10.10 will be launched too!

    4. I really like the new song. Vocals are amazing as always and the sound is really intense. I’m not a big fan of electronic music and would rather have liked some “real” drums this time.

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